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Grants are still open and available to apply for! We would love any Utah RDH to apply and be recognized for all the amazing things they do here in Utah to serve our communities.

Apply today!

Are you coming/thinking of coming to the UDHA Annual Session on October 7th? We'd love to have you! You can also purchase you very own custom name tag to wear at work to be able to pick up at registration. This is the perfect tag to take to each of your offices. Make sure you add it on to your registration when you sign up for the convention. Or, if you have already registered and missed your chance, see the link below. Order them for your entire office for Christmas!

Congratulations to the 2022 Future Leaders! We're excited for all the recently graduated dental hygienist, and ready to help support and grow together for a lifelong career.

Join us in congratulating the winners!

Kimberly Greenland, RDH- Utah Valley University

Sophia Price, RDH- Utah College of Dental Hygiene

Jolie Tate, RDH- Salt Lake Community College

Kaylyn Payne, RDH- Weber State University

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