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ADHA Partners with the Centers for Disease Control on Tips from Former Smokers® Campaign

ADHA has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on its Tips from Former Smokers® (Tips®) campaign. As a health care professional, you play a key role in smoking cessation. Because you are a professional who knows how smoking affects both oral health and overall health, your patients trust your advice about the dangers of tobacco use. The Tips® campaign is a helpful way to start the conversation with your patients about quitting tobacco use. Visit for smoking cessation resources for both you and your patients.

Webinar: Unmasking Opiod Addiction

Register Today! The American Dental Hygienists' Association present "Hot Topics in Dental Hygiene". This series of webinars will discuss issues that we face every day in private practice, with the first being all about opioids. One Nation Overdosed: Unmasking Opioid Addiction, presented by Edie Gibson, will discuss what we need to know as healthcare providers about opioids. August 21 @ 6 pm MST 1 CE credit will be awarded Free for Members $20 for Potiental Members Register today to save your place!

Unleashing Your Potential

Calling at UDHA and ADHA members! Unleashing Your Potential, a weekend leadership conference held at ADHA headquarters in Chicago, is held each November for members who are interested in evolving their career and grow in leadership positions. Our current President Shelley and president elect Jessica attended last year and loved every minute of growing, exploring their leadership strengths, and learning from hygienists from all over the country. Unleashing Your Potential applications are coming due on August 1, 2018. Apply today!

Member Spotlight: Miya Alger

When/where did you go to dental hygiene school: After getting my bachelor's in exercise science at BYU, I went to UVU for their dental hygiene program! Where do you practice? I work Mondays at Canyon Dental in Spanish Fork and the rest of the week at Salem Dental Center in Salem. Why are you a member of the ADHA? At first I joined out of sheer obligation and respect for our profession... but I've remained a member because I've seen and experienced only an essence of the back scenes where so many incredible people work so hard to protect and advance our profession, supply us with discounts and benefits, and allow us opportunities to network and branch out of the day to day operatory! Favorite

3 Ways to Launch Your Business Webinar

There’s one thing successful entrepreneurs begin to do consistently that results in regular income-they master being able to… “LAUNCH.” Whether your passion is tele-dentistry, public health, speaking, practice ownership, or consulting—when you “Launch,” you gather your energy toward one goal. You stop spinning your wheels, and you focus for days or weeks on getting your message out there and enrolling clients. But, to launch effectively... you need a plan. This webinar will show you 3 collaborative strategies that are simple, easy-to-implement, they all cost between $100-$200 to execute, and they’re proven to help you launch your message, your ideas or your business. Learning objectives:

Student ADHA Delegate Experience

Deciding to apply to be the student delegate for ADHA has been one the best decisions I have ever made. I never knew the world of dental hygiene was so vast and important. By being the student delegate, I have learned so much about the field of dental hygiene and I know that I have chosen the right career for me. Once I was chosen to be the student delegate, my viewpoint on the dental hygiene career changed for the better. I have wanted to be in this field of work since I was thirteen years old, but I never knew the leadership that I could have while being a dental hygienist. Before this experience, I really was not sure what ADHA did. I probably would have joined after school but may not ha

UDHA School Based Program

This school year, hygienists from Utah have had an amazing experience being involved in school to treat and education K-6 students all about great oral and overall health. Stacey Stout explains the program: "We have been working on Granite School District since the fall. We have two elementary schools and we've just added a Jr high. We plan to expand into several more by next fall. We provide preventive dental hygiene care while working under a collaborative agreement with Dr. Tanner Clark. Exams are done using teledentistry. We are there every week and at one school twice a week. We have an onsite dental hygiene clinic in the elementary schools. We see around 400 children, many are refugees