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Happy Giving Tuesday! This year, we'd love you to help progress the profession of dental hygiene by supporting ADHA's Institute for Oral Health. The money raised from this organization goes directly back to dental hygienists as scholarships, research grants, or funding for dental projects. We've had many scholarship winners right here in Utah! Thank you for supporting dental hygienists in so many different ways!

UDHA Member- Shelley Brown

My name is Shelley Brown. I have been a dental hygienist for 10 years. I am a graduate from…wait, who cares where I graduated from? We all passed the same written and clinical boards, and suffered through the rigors of dental hygiene school. We shouldn't let where we graduated from divide us as hygienists. That is what the American Dental Hygiene Association does for us, it UNITES us. I was a student member of UDHA during school but when I graduated I didn’t renew my membership, mainly due me not feeling like I could afford it as a new grad with mounds of student loans . For the first year after graduation I just stayed in my own little hygiene bubble, working myself to the bone. To be hone