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5k Creating Miles of Smiles Waiver

We're so excited for our upcoming fun run!! If you're coming and planning on participating, please fill out the attached 5k Waiver. Then, either print it off and bring it with you on the morning of the race OR email it to 5k Waiver- click here for the PDF Version

Supporting Danyelle- Local Dental Hygienist

If you know Danyelle, have briefly met her at a the UDHA Lobby day or have heard her speak at any local dental hygiene component meeting, you'll instantly see the passion, drive, and love she has for our amazing profession and her patients. She has been supporting dental hygiene in Utah for years by acting as the UDHA Legislative Committee Chair and spearheading many legislative changes. Not only does she spend time working with hygienists, she is a business owner and sees, screens, and treats patients in public health settings, especially nursing homes, that have no had proper oral health care in years. She's dedicated to giving this vulnerable population and voice and helping them improve

Utah Student Poster Session

On February 21, the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association and the Salt Lake Component held the annual Student Dental Hygiene Poster Session meeting. Groups of students from all Utah Dental Hygiene Schools came together to present their latest research on dental and overall health topics. There were many amazing research projects and great information presented to dental hygienist's who attended. It is definitely one of our most popular and well attended meeting of the year because it is so fun! Below are the 2019 UDHA Student Poster Session: 1st Chasing Lasers Jordyn Mitchell and Jasmine Wilcox Dixie State 2nd Efficacy of Home-Based Toothbrush Disinfection Madison Busch, Rachelle Florence, a

UDHA Day at the Capitol

During this year's UDHA Day at the Capitol, we had the amazing opportunity to hear from Dr. Marielle Pariseau. A dentist originally from Canada, she has a passion for dental health in school aged children. She currently works in Park City and is involved in several schools doing research on the importance of regular home care to remove biofilm, decrease dental disease, and improve overall health in this young, vulnerable population. She has also invented her own education unit to use in schools and her own toothbrushing and flossing aid called the Oh'Pal. Watch her TedxSaltLakeCity Talk discussing her experience with dentistry for children and the results she has found with her work. We love

Utah Volunteer Opportunities

Let’s volunteer! There are opportunities available. Please email the contact for more information. Friday, March 15 Family Dental Plan Day Email for more information Senior Smiles and SMART Smiles Email: Senior Charity Care Email: Salt Lake Donated Dental Services Email:

Botox Update

Dear Dental Hygienists of Utah: Last week at the Salt Lake Component Meeting, some information was shared about the placement of Botox by dental hygienists here in Utah and the possibility of RDH's having the ability to place botox with the proper training. However, we have recently received a later from DOPL explaining that hygienists placing Botox is against the Utah Dental Practice Act. Below is the copy from that email from Larry Marx to Jessica Atkinson, current UDHA President: Ms. Atkinson: Among many professions there has recently been a great deal of interest in expanding practices to utilize the innovations of pharmaceutical products for treatment of cosmetic conditions. Two of the