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Interview: Matt Crespin, MPH, RDH

Next month during the American Dental Hygienists' Association Annual Session, the new presidency for the association will be put into place. We recently reached out to President Elect Matt Crespin to learn a bit more about him and what's the goals for the ADHA next year when he's president. Get to know him a bit more below! Where you're from: I was born and raised in Douglas, AZ and moved to Milwaukee, WI to attend Marquette University and have lived in Wisconsin ever since graduation. How long have you been a dental hygienist? Since 2002 What got you started in being a ADHA member and part of a leadership position? I started as an ADHA member when I was a student and quickly learned the var

Crystal Spring: District X Trustee

Crystal Spring is the current District Ten (X) trustee for the American Dental Hygienists' Association. Utah is part of district ten, along with with Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming. We asked Crystal a few questions about what districts mean with the ADHA, what her role is as a district chair, and how being part of a professional association has helped and influenced her work and life. How long have you been a dental hygienist? I have been practicing Dental Hygiene for 21 years!!! Seriously, cant believe it's been that long. Time flies when your having fun. What got you interested in being part and active in the American Dental Hygienists' Association?I wasn't always active in ADHA. I love to

2019 Future Leader Award Winners

We want to congratulate all the 2019 Dental Hygiene graduates for making it! We all know dental hygiene school is amazing and difficult all at the same time and we're so excited for you to be colleagues in an an amazing profession. We'd also love to congratulation the 2019 Future Leader Winners. This award is given to 1 graduate who has demonstrated leadership qualities from each dental hygiene school in Utah. Savanna Christiansen- UVU Wendy Demill- Fortis Ceri Trujillo- Weber State University Brette Barney- Dixie State University Sarah Melchior- Salt Lake Community College We're so excited for an amazing summer for these future leader and all new RDH's in Utah!

Member Spotlight: Angel Harvey

We were so lucky to interview Angel, a literal angel dental hygienist right here in Utah. She has been an amazing asset to the dental health of so many people here in Utah, and an amazing member of the Utah Dental Hygienists Association. I graduated from Salt Lake Community College Dental Hygiene Program Spring of 2018. I was inspired to become a dental hygienist for three reasons. First, is a vivid memory I have of a hygienist holding my hand as a young child while I was going through a dental procedure and crying. She taught me how to brush my teeth and how to floss and overall gave me comfort while I was being what felt like tortured. The second reason I chose this profession is because o

UDHA Luncheon

THANK YOU to everyone who attended this amazing event during the UDA Convention last week downtown Salt Lake! It was wonderful to have Judy Bendit come and chat all about silver diamine fluoride and how we as dental hygienists can implement its use in our practices today! This technology may not be new, but is a great option for patients who cannot afford treatment or cannot receive traditional therapies. Why not have something else we can do to help the population in achieving better oral health.