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Utah CE Guidelines

A summary of Utah continuing education law for dentists and dental hygienists - All Utah licensed dentists and hygienists must obtain 30 hours of qualified dental continuing education every two years: - the CE must be relevant to the licensee’s practice, must be presented by qualified individuals, and must have a method to verify attendance and completion hours for someone licensed less than two years are prorated - hours for re-certification in BCLS, ACLS and PALS do not count as CE. - CE credit may be obtained in all formal classes, seminars, lectures, conferences or training sessions in blocks of time of 50 minutes or more when approved, conducted or sponsored by universities, colleg

UDHA Member Spotlight- Cindy Walker, RDH

Thank you Cindy Walker on being a member of the ADHA/UDHA and being involved in changing patient care! We're excited to highlight Cindy as an amazing dental hygienist, and now an entrepreneur with her company creating a better solution to patient safety glasses. Check out her company CCCES Glasses and read about her hygiene experience below! Thanks Cindy for being an amazing member and improving the lives of your patients and community through your service. I graduated from Weber State University's Dental Hygiene program in 1999 at age 45. I was fortunate to begin working in my small town of Kamas, UT upon my graduation. I continued to work there for 17 years, having two dentists buy and sel

Mars Wrigley Grant Open for ADHA Members

The ADHA Institute for Oral Health is now accepting applications from eligible ADHA members for the 2020 Mars Wrigley Foundation Community Service Grants. Application Deadline: October 1, 2019 Recipient Selection: January, 2020 The ADHA Institute for Oral Health and the Mars Wrigley Foundation are pleased to offer the members of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) the opportunity to apply for community service grants leading up to National Dental Hygiene Month. The Mars Wrigley Foundation Community Service grant will be awarded to applicants who are involved in a specific community health project that improves the public’s oral health and provide oral health education. Recipi

UDHA President Message

BELOVED MEMBERS, At ADHA I was approached multiple times by people remarking on the great work Utah is doing in the realm of Dental Hygiene. They noted seeing such fun things on social media regarding our member’s influence in the community. UDHA’s goal was to bring to light the incredible hygienists that live in our state and the work of the association does in supporting them. To meet that goal we hired Melia Lewis and she has worked hard to make that dream come true. I am sure you have seen the fruits of her labor! Melia is not only a social media master, networking wonder and clinician; she is passionate about educating Dental Hygienists. In her role as UDHA’s executive assistant she edu

Member Moment: Heather Crockett

My name is Heather Crockett. I began my career in dentistry working for a terrible human. He laid instruments on his patients chest over their bibs and would scream at his assistants. That role wasn’t much for me, I used to be timid and scared to death. Another assistant helped me scoot over to the hygiene assisting in that office instead, for my sake, bless her angel heart. I was so grateful! Although, the hygienists probed super fast and I had to write all the depths down by hand (not to mention everything 4 mm and above we would write in red). I learned how to be quick in that office! Thankfully my time there ended within a couple of months time. The doctor sold the practice to a corporat

American Dental Hygienists’ Association Announces Future Annual Conference Locations

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) is pleased to announce its next four annual conference locations: New Orleans, LA (2020), Phoenix, AZ (2021), Louisville, KY (2022) and Chicago, IL (2023). ADHA’s Annual Conference is the premier dental hygiene event in North America and features cutting-edge lectures and hands-on workshops, over 100 exhibitors, and various networking and social events. ADHA 2020 Annual Conference: We are heading to the lively city of New Orleans, ranked as “The Best North American Destination” by TripExpert. Known for its historic French Quarter, bustling nightlife and diverse cuisine, NOLA is an exciting destination for everyone. ADHA 2020 will take place