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Northern Component Meeting- A Recap

This month's Northern Component Meeting was so fun! It was great to come together as dental hygienists to learn hands on skills you could take back to your clinical practice the next Monday. We were lucky to grow together as RDHs and learn about lasers, cordless hand pieces and ergonomics, and all about silver diamine fluoride. RDHs were able to go into the Weber State Dental Hygiene Clinic to try out and practice all the skills that were taught that day. Join us for our next component meetings! Central Component- Thursday, January 23 @ 6pm Southern Component Meeting- February 11 @ 6pm Salt Lake Component Meeting- Thursday, February 20

2020- The Year to Renew!

It's the new year! New goals, new work out wear, and a fresh start after an amazing holiday. Did you know that this year is a Utah Dental License renewal year? Now is the time to start thinking about where your CE credit forms are, and if you're ready to renew. Here are the 2020 CE requirements for dental hygienists: Continuing education under this section shall: 1. be relevant to the licensee's professional practice; 2. be prepared and presented by individuals who are qualified by education, training and experience to provide dental and dental hygiene continuing education; and 3. have a method of verification of attendance and completion. Credit for continuing education shall be recognized