We all know there are so many different instruments brands, designs, and makes on the market. Going to a dental convention and seeing the rows and tables full of instruments can be a bit overwhelming! However, we've asked dental hygienists from all over the state to hear about their very favorite instrument to use during the day.

Here are a few different recommendations that dental hygienists suggested.

"American Eagle XP N1- I love the scoop/spoon for all concavities throughout the mouth., like on the maxillary and mandibular lingual aspect and the maxillary buccal of molars"

"Hu Freidy Nevi 1/H5. It is anterior but I've used it on tenacious calc posteriorly and loved it"

"Montana Jack/Nevi. I feel it has the perfect bend for posteriors and anteriors that are not completely straight! It just fits where I need it!"

"Sickle: PDT Montana Jack. After all these years it’s still my “go to-must have”! I love its versatility, perfect angulation for posteriors and anteriors, and the ability to get into those pesky tight contacts!

Curette: Barnhardt 5/6 universal

For same reasons as above but for subgingival areas.

Besides Graceys as needed for perio these two get the job done 90% of the time."

But, hands down, the most talked about, praised, and recommended instrument was the Montana Jack/Black Jack!

We're so excited for the end of 2020! (Anyone else feel the same way?)

Let's finish off this year with a bang of helping our community's overall and oral health!

We'll be holding our 1st ever oral health aid drive! Have extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, anything hygiene aids sitting in your storage room? Paste that'll expire before you're able to hand it out? We'd love to donate it for you!

Reach out to us at udhaonline@gmail.com or call/text Melia @ 801-473-4205 for more information or to schedule a pick up.

This weekend was an amazing weekend! Celebrating, learning, and growing together as a group of Utah Dental Hygienists is always the goal of the UDHA Annual Session, and this year was no different in those regards. Even though the platform had changed, meeting virtually still met the goals of the session.

One of the highlights of this weekend is always voting in the new UDHA Board of Trustees.

Congratulations to the new board!

President- Mandy Coughanour Faucette

President Elect- Kali Christensen Hunt

Immediate Past President- Kathleen Young

Vice President 1- Joy Ence

Vice President 2- Alison Smith

Secretary- Shelley Hart-Brown

Treasurer- Chanci Oyler

ADHA Delegates- Jessica Atkinson, Chanci Oyler

Speaker of the House- Michaele Green

Alternate ADHA Delegates- Angel Harvey, Jasmine Wilcox

Northern Component President- Emma DeGrange Yingling

Salt Lake Component President- Heather Robb Crockett

Central Component President- Dayna Tirrell Harper