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UDHA President Shelly Costley was able to be on KSL on Wednesday, June 27, chatting all about oral health and diabetes. She explained all about the oral systemic link and how important oral health is if a patient is diagnosed with diabetes. Watch the video on KSL today and share it with your patients and family.

Way to represent the profession, Shelly!

THANK YOU to everyone to came, ran, walked, and supported the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association. It was an amazing Saturday raising funds to increase access to care here in Utah. And a big thank you to all of our sponsors that helped support this event.

Social Dental

Fortis College Henry Schien


Skinner Dental

Muir Farms

Foothill Dental

Chandler's Walk Shoppe

Weber State University

Utah College of Dental Hygiene

As part of the year-end celebration for Head Start families, they are hosting a Dental Day Extravaganza at our agency on Saturday, May 19th from 12-2p. The event will include 12 interactive stations each focused on a different “Oral Health Message” with activities, handouts, demonstrations, and games. A local dentist will be volunteering his time to provide screenings and fluoride varnish to community members. They are currently seeking volunteers to either assist with providing screenings and/or facilitate our interactive stations.

If you're intereted in spending a bit of time at this event, either doing screenings, placing varnish, or working at one of the 12 booths, please contact Stephanie (see info below).

Stephanie Roque, MS, RD, CD

Nutrition Supervisor

OWCAP Head Start & Early Head Start

(w) 801-399-9281, ext. 351

(c) 801-513-7787

(f) 801-781-3443

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