We are so lucky to have the best members here in Utah who are dedicated to our patients and profession. Raimey is one of these members. She's passionate about educating patients, as well as serving patients who may not be able to visit the traditional brick and mortar office that we've traditionally had.


I have been a dental hygienist for fourteen years. I received my Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni’s School of Dentistry in California. I worked in private practice for three years, and then worked for a community health center for 10 years. In 2018, I completed Arthur A Dugoni’s Education Program in Oral Health for People with Special Needs and received my RDHAP license (registered dental hygienist in alternative practice). I moved back to my birth state of Utah in 2020 and have been working at Platinum Dental Care’s North Logan office ever since.

My favorite part of dental hygiene is the opportunity to educate patients about their dental conditions and teach them how to properly care for their teeth and gingiva. I love seeing the improvement in their oral health when they implement the home care instructions we discussed and practiced. I also love the instant gratification that comes from removing heavy calculus and staining...so much satisfaction getting those teeth clean and showing patients their before and after pictures and radiographs!

Millions of seniors across the country lack access for routine preventive and restorative oral health care because Medicare excludes coverage for these services. Adding oral health coverage to Medicare Part B is a commonsense solution to ensure Medicare enrollees have access to oral health care – a critical component of overall health.

ADHA is calling on all dental hygienists to contact their congressional representative and urge them to support H.R. 4311 to provide oral health coverage within Medicare. You may contact your member of congress HERE. Reaching out to your representative takes just 1-2 minutes.

This weekend, ADHA Delegates from Utah met virtually with other dental hygiene delegates from all over the country to discuss the future of the association and profession, vote on a new national board, connect with other states to learn what they're working on, plus so much more.

This year, Utah was also able to have 3 voting delegates and 3 alternative delegates at this national meetings due to our growing and active membership.

A big thank you to our delegates- Jessica Atkinson, Chanci Oyler and Laura Green- and alternate delegates- Amanda Farris, Jasmine Wilcox, and Angel Harvey- for their hard work and time put into being a delegate.