UDHA School Based Program

This school year, hygienists from Utah have had an amazing experience being involved in school to treat and education K-6 students all about great oral and overall health. Stacey Stout explains the program:

"We have been working on Granite School District since the fall. We have two elementary schools and we've just added a Jr high. We plan to expand into several more by next fall. We provide preventive dental hygiene care while working under a collaborative agreement with Dr. Tanner Clark. Exams are done using teledentistry. We are there every week and at one school twice a week. We have an onsite dental hygiene clinic in the elementary schools. We see around 400 children, many are refugees, and only half have any insurance coverage. The dental hygienist and dentist volunteer their time to provide care through these pilot programs."

Congrats Stacey, Carol and everyone involved in the school program!