3 Ways to Launch Your Business Webinar

There’s one thing successful entrepreneurs begin to do consistently that results in regular income-they master being able to… “LAUNCH.” Whether your passion is tele-dentistry, public health, speaking, practice ownership, or consulting—when you “Launch,” you gather your energy toward one goal. You stop spinning your wheels, and you focus for days or weeks on getting your message out there and enrolling clients. But, to launch effectively... you need a plan. This webinar will show you 3 collaborative strategies that are simple, easy-to-implement, they all cost between $100-$200 to execute, and they’re proven to help you launch your message, your ideas or your business. Learning objectives: · How to gather energy toward one goal · 3 Strategies to launch your business · How to keep your launch rolling

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We love to see amazing hygienists from Utah grow outside of clinic and into new roles!