Student ADHA Delegate Experience

Deciding to apply to be the student delegate for ADHA has been one the best decisions I have ever made. I never knew the world of dental hygiene was so vast and important. By being the student delegate, I have learned so much about the field of dental hygiene and I know that I have chosen the right career for me.

Once I was chosen to be the student delegate, my viewpoint on the dental hygiene career changed for the better. I have wanted to be in this field of work since I was thirteen years old, but I never knew the leadership that I could have while being a dental hygienist. Before this experience, I really was not sure what ADHA did. I probably would have joined after school but may not have continued my membership. Now that I have seen what we can and want to do, I want to be part of this for my entire career. I want to continue with ADHA because I want everyone to have the same authority and power when it comes to the care of their patients.

While being a student delegate, I was able to interact with students from 11 different schools in the country. I was able to learn about their curriculums and what opportunities they have in front of them after school. I was shocked to learn that some states have little to no power for their hygienists. We are very lucky to live in a state that lets us have opportunities to grow in our career. We may not have everything available to us, but that is the beauty behind ADHA. By having an organization that supports us, we can take that support to state legislature to pass laws so that we have more room for growth.

If you are considering joining or leaving UDHA and ADHA, I urge you to look at what ADHA does for you constantly. They are always trying to better the world of dental hygiene for us. What other organization is working that hard for you and thousands of others just like you? I am so glad that I have a membership to such a great organization to help me achieve all my goals as a dental hygienist. I am so grateful for my opportunity to be the student delegate for District X (Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming). If you are a student, please apply for the position! It will positively change your whole perspective on being a dental hygienist. You will learn more about yourself than you thought possible, and you will learn how important it is to be a leader in this field. I am looking forward to many years of leadership while being an amazing dental hygienist.