Member Spotlight: Miya Alger

When/where did you go to dental hygiene school: After getting my bachelor's in exercise science at BYU, I went to UVU for their dental hygiene program!

Where do you practice? I work Mondays at Canyon Dental in Spanish Fork and the rest of the week at Salem Dental Center in Salem.

Why are you a member of the ADHA? At first I joined out of sheer obligation and respect for our profession... but I've remained a member because I've seen and experienced only an essence of the back scenes where so many incredible people work so hard to protect and advance our profession, supply us with discounts and benefits, and allow us opportunities to network and branch out of the day to day operatory!

Favorite thing about being a dental hygienist? Free Samples! Jk, I love when something I've taught or shown a patient finally clicks and they can actually see and feel a difference in their oral and overall health!

Any advice for someone who is thinking about joining the ADHA? Why wouldn't you?! Do you like and respect your profession? Are you proud to be an RDH? You may never fully understand where every penny of your money goes, but I promise it's going into everything you value and cherish as a hygienist! Money aside... we need YOU as an active member! Come make a difference with us!