UDHA is Hiring!

October 30, 2018

The Utah Dental Hygienists' Association is hiring for an executive assistant! We need your help!



Job title
Utah Dental Hygienists’ Association (UDHA) Executive Administrator

Reports to UDHA Board of Trustees (BOT)

Job purpose
Assist the BOT in managing the business affairs of the UDHA. Continually develop social media sites, calendar events, and website. Provide continuity between incoming and outgoing BOT and facilitate communications within the association at large.

Duties and responsibilities
• Raise the UDHA’s social media presence.
• Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. on a regular basis highlighting events, committee efforts, etc. to raise the awareness of the association’s work.
• Calendaring events and duties of the BOT
• Events-keep the members, potential members and public at large informed of UDHA events. Prior to events, advertising information and post event highlights
• Facilitate communications of UDHA

• Sort and distribute incoming emails, and phone calls. Ensure they are directed to the correct individual/committee
• Follow-up on BOT assignments

Qualifications include:
• Dental Hygienist
• Member of the ADHA/UDHA
• Knowledge of website building
• Social media savvy

Working Conditions
Work hours vary based on current demand of UDHA. Must be available for occasional travel. 


Please email resumes to udhaonline@gmail.com. We're excited to work with you!

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