UDHA Member- Shelley Brown

My name is Shelley Brown. I have been a dental hygienist for 10 years. I am a graduate from…wait, who cares where I graduated from? We all passed the same written and clinical boards, and suffered through the rigors of dental hygiene school. We shouldn't let where we graduated from divide us as hygienists. That is what the American Dental Hygiene Association does for us, it UNITES us.

I was a student member of UDHA during school but when I graduated I didn’t renew my membership, mainly due me not feeling like I could afford it as a new grad with mounds of student loans . For the first year after graduation I just stayed in my own little hygiene bubble, working myself to the bone. To be honest, it got lonely and boring pretty quick, and I lost some of my verve for dental hygiene. I was then lucky enough to be asked to go back and teach at my alma mater in the clinic and eventually to teach didactic courses. I also am 1 of 4 hygienist who started the website HygieneEdge.com where we create helpful videos about all things dental hygiene. If you ever need refreshers on any of your clinical skills be sure to visit. It has been a great blessing in my life to have the variation of working in education, private practice and on HygieneEdge.

Soon after becoming an educator and influencer, through HygieneEdge.com, I wanted to set a good example for “the next generation” so I committed to rejoin the ADHA. Over the years I have been reminded of the history of our profession here in Utah. Have we always had the ability to give anesthesia, or work with homebound patients? Nope, it was because a bunch of united and dedicated dental hygienists got together and with their small funds lobbied for an increased ability for us to care for our patients. I am deeply grateful for your hard work. Just think of the things we could do if we all became more united by committing to become a member of the ADHA.