UDA Annual Dental Hygienist's Luncheon

Registration for this year's UDA Luncheon is up! It is also slightly different than other years. Register directly from the UDHA website to save your seat for this amazing event. Which also means you can come to this even without even registering for the entire UDA convention!

Judy Bendit will be presenting "Back to Black".

Course Description:

Throughout history, mankind has constantly been in search of a better way. A better way to travel. A better way to communicate. A better way to educate. Finding a better way requires a plan that involves mapping out ones’ destination, setting a course, carving out a path, and ultimately paving the way. This 2 hour program focuses on the innovations and advancements in remineralization products and technologies that will influence and change the delivery of care we provide to our patients tomorrow.

So let’s pave the way to a caries free practice, because BLACK is BACK…

Course objectives:  Review all the Fluoride options  Compare the latest products engineered to deliver “calcium and phosphate” and how they interact to improve fluoride uptake  Define the mechanism of action and benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride  Review protocols and techniques for SDF placement