Supporting Danyelle- Local Dental Hygienist

If you know Danyelle, have briefly met her at a the UDHA Lobby day or have heard her speak at any local dental hygiene component meeting, you'll instantly see the passion, drive, and love she has for our amazing profession and her patients. She has been supporting dental hygiene in Utah for years by acting as the UDHA Legislative Committee Chair and spearheading many legislative changes. Not only does she spend time working with hygienists, she is a business owner and sees, screens, and treats patients in public health settings, especially nursing homes, that have no had proper oral health care in years. She's dedicated to giving this vulnerable population and voice and helping them improve both their oral and overall health through proper maintenance visits, fluoride treatments, regular brushing and cleanings, and just showing love and compassion.

To help support her growing business and demand, we'd love you to vote for her! She's be entered into a small business grant, and needs as much love and support from the dental hygiene community as she can! You can vote one time a day for her up until April 5th. Vote here for this amazing opportunity and to see growth in the public health sector for dental hygienists!