UDHA at the Utah Oral Health Coalition

Did you know that the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association is actively involved in the Utah Oral Health Coalition? This Friday, members from all over the state of Utah joined together to discuss oral health problems, needs, and solutions for disparities in our own State. This meeting is held quarterly and everyone is invited. This was a specifically exciting meeting as it was Brenda Armstrong's, UDHA Delegate and RDH, last day at the Chair of the Utah Oral Health Coalition. She is now currently the Immediate Past Chair and will remain actively involved in the Steering Committee. Other dental hygienists, who are also members of the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association, on this committee are Danyelle Evans, RDH, and Laura Green, RDH.

A bit of information about the UOHC:

The vision of the Utah Oral Health Coalition (UOHC) is to advance the general health and well-being of all Utahns. The goals of the UOHC are to promote oral health, improve access to care by overcoming barriers, and to eliminate oral health disparities.

The Utah Oral Health Coalition is composed of members from the public and private dental community, state and local health departments, community health centers, other non-profit referral organizations and clinics, schools, state legislators, and child advocacy groups.

So why is it important that the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association involved? For any reasons! First, because we are committed to defining what it means to be a champion of oral health. As dental hygienists, we are on the front line for prevention and troubleshooting oral health problems for our patients, our family and friends, and the community. Second, it allows us to build relationships and collaborate with different people and organizations to improve access to oral care and reduce disparities right here in our own state. Third, being connected with different organizations helps grow the general knowledge on what a dental hygienist is, and how important we are to overall health.

We'd love to have you at the next meeting! The next UOHC meeting will be held Friday, June 7th from 9-11:30 @ Plymouth View Senior Housing Building in Taylorsville, UT.