Member Spotlight: Angel Harvey

We were so lucky to interview Angel, a literal angel dental hygienist right here in Utah. She has been an amazing asset to the dental health of so many people here in Utah, and an amazing member of the Utah Dental Hygienists Association.


I graduated from Salt Lake Community College Dental Hygiene Program Spring of 2018. I was inspired to become a dental hygienist for three reasons. First, is a vivid memory I have of a hygienist holding my hand as a young child while I was going through a dental procedure and crying. She taught me how to brush my teeth and how to floss and overall gave me comfort while I was being what felt like tortured. The second reason I chose this profession is because of a dear friend that is a hygienist. She believed that I could one day be a hygienist as well; even when it seemed like such an unattainable dream. I've had to overcome many challenges to become a dental hygienist and I believe those obstacles have contributed to who I am today. The third reason I chose to become a dental hygienist is to make a difference in the lives of others who need it most. I wanted to help brighten their day with a little compassion and to help them to believe that all their goals and ambitions can come true. In short, I became a hygienist to make a difference in the world around me. Currently I am working as an independent contracted dental hygienist with Smart Smiles. I provide preventive dental care and education to underserved children in school-based programs. I am mobile!! I travel between 16 different

elementary and Jr high schools throughout the Granite and Jordan School Districts. I have been able to care for over 500 patients thus far, and provide much needed oral health education that many don't get otherwise. I have had the privilege and honor of helping them reach their oral hygiene goals and they have come back to see me excited to show me what a difference they are making in their own health. I truly have the career of my dreams! It is because of the combined efforts and strengths of the ADHA and our UDHA leaders that I am able to work collaboratively with a dentist and assist so many individuals. It is because of their efforts that paved the way for me to do what I love to do now. To those that work tirelessly to advance our profession and keep fighting for our rights I say thank you, with appreciation beyond measure, again thank you! As the graduating classes enter this powerful dental hygiene force, I say welcome! I am so happy to have you among our ranks. While I am sure you are all entering the dental hygiene world for your own reasons, as well as your own personal goals and interests….don’t forget, don’t ever forget… you are not alone. You have your professional organization and each of us individually that are here for you! We wish you luck as you begin this new and exciting journey.