Crystal Spring: District X Trustee

Crystal Spring is the current District Ten (X) trustee for the American Dental Hygienists' Association. Utah is part of district ten, along with with Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming. We asked Crystal a few questions about what districts mean with the ADHA, what her role is as a district chair, and how being part of a professional association has helped and influenced her work and life.

How long have you been a dental hygienist?

I have been practicing Dental Hygiene for 21 years!!! Seriously, cant believe it's been that long. Time flies when your having fun.

What got you interested in being part and active in the American Dental Hygienists' Association?I wasn't always active in ADHA. I love to volunteer and I spent a lot of time helping out in my home area as well as Special Smiles at the Special Olympics (I was our states Special Smiles Clinical Director for quite a few years). I wish I would have become involved so much sooner. It wasn’t until It was brought to my attention that my association needed my support that I became involved. When I was enlightened that I could make a difference in my profession I kind of went crazy. I went all in and have been enjoying this ride ever since.

What do you do as a District X Trustee?

I am currently ADHA's District X trustee. Serves as ex-officio member and attends all meetings of the House of Delegates (a meeting that involved the ADHA President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc).

Here are some bullets of what I do, but the trustee is the major link between ADHA and the Constituents (states).

- Serves as board advisor to councils, committees or as liaison

representative • Promotes the mission and goals and has working knowledge of all


- Attends all Board of Trustees

- Serves as the official liaison between the ADHA and the members of the constituents/districts.

- Assists constituents with organizational needs.

- Assists delegates in preparation for the Annual Conference.

- Communicates regularly with constituent officers.

What's one thing you've learned being part of the ADHA?

One thing I have learned is that we are definitely better together. The profession of dental hygiene is at a major turning point. Dental Hygienists are working to the full scope of their practice acts and Americans are receiving equitable and affordable dental hygiene services. ADHA plays a major role in supporting states in legislative efforts and helps to link states to other states that have been there and done that.

What's some advice you'd give a dental hygienist thinking about joining/wondering if joining is beneficial?

Join Now! It's not too late to become a member and your association needs your support. We need numbers to continue to improve our profession. ADHA is OUR association. RDHs are ADHA's main priority. I've included our strategic plan below. It's an awesome and perfect example of why RDHs need to be members.

Thank you Crystal for letting us know a bit more information about the ADHA and District X! If you're interested in reaching out to her with questions, she can be reached at