Oral Health Progress and Equity Network

Our UDHA Legislative Chair, Danyelle Evans, represents our association serving as the Utah State Representative for the Oral Health Progress and Equity Network (OPEN). She recently traveled to Houston, Texas with Utah’s Grassroots Representative, Jessie Mandle of Voices for Utah Children and was also joined by Beth Erhardt, President of Senior Charity Care Foundation where they convened with other representatives and invited guests from the West/Mid-West regions of the country.

OPEN, is a national network of individuals and organizations that believe oral health is essential to overall health and wellbeing and is organizing across the country to ensure that fact is widely understood and embraced. By focusing on early access and prevention for children, care and coverage across the lifespan, ensuring that oral health is integrated into our overall healthcare, and creating a new social norm for what it means to be healthy, they are building an environment in which all individuals can thrive. Find out more at www.oralhealth.network #tenaciousdoers #catalyzinganetwork

OPEN's goal is to catalyze a network to take on America’s oral health challenges so that everyone has an equitable chance to thrive.

We commit to: Connect with Purpose We intentionally engage with partners who are committed to effecting transformation by

investing time, resources and/or brain-power in our collective goals.

Disrupt with Inclusion We’re unapologetically focused on disrupting the status quo, but we make sure to meet people where they are because we know that lasting and impactful change requires effort on all sides.

Foster Safe Spaces We create safe spaces where people can feel free to express themselves openly and honestly about the complex systemic issues we’re working to resolve.

Drive Collective Action We harness the collective knowledge of our content and experts to change public perception and create unique, community-driven solutions.

Our design principles are being: Truth-Seekers We are voraciously curious, self-reflective, and constantly engaging new perspectives to deepen mutual understanding.

People Magnets We’re a centralizing force that continually engages divergent perspectives to create a unified voice.

Pragmatic Visionaries We are optimistic, future-focused and inspirational, yet grounded in real, tangible solutions.

Tenacious Doers Everything we do feels like a call to action—equity can’t wait. Lives hang in the balance.