2020 Call for Proposals

Call for Education Proposals Guide

June 2019-August 2019

The ADHA Annual Conference, being held in New Orleans June 12-14, 2020, is an opportunity for dental hygienists to engage in exceptional formal and informal learning experiences to advance professional development, improve patient care, and learn about the latest trends in dental hygiene.

ADHA is seeking education proposals founded in sound adult learning principals and reflecting evidenced-based, cutting-edge thinking, informed by current theory, research, and practice. Intended to deliver the utmost learning experience, preference may be given to proposals that are positioned to deliver a balanced mix of the following:

  • Innovative, cutting-edge, evidenced-based

  • Practical application with evidence supported by research/data

  • Exploring issues important to dental hygienists at varying stages of expertise

Instructional Design
Stimulate and provoke discussion, audience engagement, and outcome-focused design
Facilitate knowledge transfer and development of new competencie Collaborative delivery drawing on past experiences and knowledge of attendees
Practicing dental hygienists in areas across clinical, education, research, and public health
Dental hygienists at different stages of their learning path (ranging from still in school to 25+ years of work experience)
Strong desire for hands-on and interactive sessions where they can implement new skills the next week in their offices, classrooms, or clinics
Topic Areas

As you develop your proposal, please consider the following broad topic areas/tracks where your session would best fit:

Clinical Practice | Educators | Public Health | Students | Research | Professional Development

To Apply, click HERE and register on the ADHA website