UDHA President Message


At ADHA I was approached multiple times by people remarking on the great work Utah is doing in the realm of Dental Hygiene. They noted seeing such fun things on social media regarding our member’s influence in the community. UDHA’s goal was to bring to light the incredible hygienists that live in our state and the work of the association does in supporting them. To meet that goal we hired Melia Lewis and she has worked hard to make that dream come true. I am sure you have seen the fruits of her labor! Melia is not only a social media master, networking wonder and clinician; she is passionate about educating Dental Hygienists. In her role as UDHA’s executive assistant she educates you, Utah hygienists and UDHA members about what the association is, why it is important and how you can make a difference by getting involved. She personally inspired and supported me in going back to school and getting a Master’s degree. Melia is involved in educating hygienists on the school level, the commercial level and on the internet level with her job as an educator, Young representative and in her business Hygiene Edge. We are grateful that we have Melia to help you hear about, see and get involved with UDHA. Thank you Melia for your excellent work in behalf of our association!