UDHA Member Spotlight- Cindy Walker, RDH

Thank you Cindy Walker on being a member of the ADHA/UDHA and being involved in changing patient care! We're excited to highlight Cindy as an amazing dental hygienist, and now an entrepreneur with her company creating a better solution to patient safety glasses. Check out her company CCCES Glasses and read about her hygiene experience below! Thanks Cindy for being an amazing member and improving the lives of your patients and community through your service.

I graduated from Weber State University's Dental Hygiene program in 1999 at age 45. I was fortunate to begin working in my small town of Kamas, UT upon my graduation. I continued to work there for 17 years, having two dentists buy and sell the practice, but kept me as their hygienist. My favorite part of dental hygiene was serving the members of my community, and helping to improve their dental health. Our practice volunteered at the elementary school each year and the kids would recognize me as the tooth lady. We also had a rest home that brought their residents to the office, and I was able to assist in their cleanings and visited the facility to help train the CNAs in the correct technique of brushing their patients' teeth. Families would come together for their appointments, and I watched their children grow up and leave home - just like my own. One of my elderly patients would always tell me he was the oldest male living in the Kamas Valley. He also would eat a carrot before coming to his appointment so I would know where the food was getting caught in his teeth. It was a sad day when he passed away at age 98. Now, that I have retired from working in the office, I truly miss that interaction with my patients, their families, and their lives. My love for my patients - my friends and neighbors - is part of my passion to give back to the dental community by helping all of our patients have a more safe and comfortable experience at each visit. Through the years of unsuccessfully trying to find effective safety glasses for my patients, I finally decided to design a pair of safety glasses customized for the patient lying in a supine position. After a couple of attempts, I have finally found a solution to the major obstacles of normal safety glasses and have created a pair of glasses your patients will want to wear. I am the utmost novice of entrepreneurs, but hope you will find that I will be as dedicated to my customers as I was to my patients.

I have been grateful to be a member of the ADHA for twenty years and hoped my membership dues contributed in a small way to the wonderful things this organization does for and in behalf of all hygienists; including their efforts of education, member benefits, community involvement, and even governmental lobbying that continues to improve the profession of being a hygienist. I am proud to be a member and feel inspired to represent this great organization with integrity. If I had been younger when I started, I would have hoped to have had the energy like the many hygienists who have served and strived to make the ADHA organization a very respected group of professionals. As a new dental hygiene graduate, I would encourage you to stay involved with ADHA and keep your eyes and minds open to the many diverse opportunities they will present for you - hygiene, now, encompasses so much more than just working in an office - the possibilities are endless.