Member Spotlight- Nikki Allen

Thank you to Nikki for letting us ask her some questions, share her experience with being a dental hygienist and a member of the ADHA/UDHA, and explain why she loves being involved!


"I currently work in a general practice setting, that I love! My favorite part about being a dental hygienist is educating my patients on their oral health. I love to explain the “why” to patients so they can fully understand why we do what we do and why they come to see their hygienist. I love spitting out facts! (No pun intended). I am a member of ADHA because I want to be involved in advancing our careers as hygienists. I am a committed member of the Northern Utah Dental Hygienists’ Association because I wanted to help plan continuing education meetings and get to know the hygienists that live near me better. My advice for someone interested in becoming an ADHA member is to do a payment plan if you are concerned about the annual fee. It makes it seem a lot more affordable when you’re paying just a small portion every few months! You end up getting free CE’s and lower annual session fees if you’re a member also. Just try it!"