2020- The Year to Renew!

It's the new year! New goals, new work out wear, and a fresh start after an amazing holiday.

Did you know that this year is a Utah Dental License renewal year? Now is the time to start thinking about where your CE credit forms are, and if you're ready to renew.

Here are the 2020 CE requirements for dental hygienists:

Continuing education under this section shall:

1. be relevant to the licensee's professional practice;

2. be prepared and presented by individuals who are qualified by education, training and experience to provide dental and dental hygiene continuing education; and

3. have a method of verification of attendance and completion.

Credit for continuing education shall be recognized in accordance with the following:

1. unlimited hours shall be recognized for continuing education completed in blocks of time of not less than 50 minutes in formally established classroom courses, seminars, lectures, conferences, or training sessions which meet the criteria listed in Subsection (3) above, and which are approved by, conducted by or under sponsorship of:

(i) the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing;

(ii) recognized universities and colleges;

(iii) professional associations, societies and organizations representing a licensed profession whose program objectives relate to the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene; or

(iv) ADA or any subgroup thereof, the ADHA or any subgroup thereof, an accredited dental, dental hygiene or dental postgraduate program, a government agency, a recognized health care professional association or a peer study club;

2. a maximum of ten hours per two year period may be recognized for teaching continuing education relevant to dentistry and dental hygiene;

3. a maximum of 15 hours per two year period may be recognized for continuing education that is provided via Internet or through home study which provides an examination and a completion certificate;

4. a maximum of six hours per two year period may be recognized for continuing education provided by the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing; and

5. qualified continuing professional education may include up to three hours in practice and office management.

If you're short on credits this year, we have a few amazing meetings that have CE coming up over the next few months!

Saturday, January 11 @ Weber State University (3 CEs)

February 11 @ Dixie State University (2 FREE CEs)

Thursday, February 20 @ Salt Lake Community College (2 CE)

Friday, February 21 @ Utah Capitol Building (2 FREE CEs)

Saturday, March 7 @ St George, UT

Friday, March 27 @ Downtown Salt Lake City