Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month!

We may not be working, seeing patients, and performing oral cancer screenings, but we can still connect with our patients to help educate the importance of these exams!

Here are a few resources to use to connect with patients:

The Academy of Oral and Maxofacial Surgeons has posters and social media content for you to share.

The Oral Cancer Foundation is full of ideas to talk to patients about oral cancer and it's prevention and screening methods that work.

Dentalhealth.org has posters and images to download for free all about being "mouthaware".

Education of oral cancer is one of the first battles we have with patients. Since oral cancer starts small and is hard to reach and see areas, letting patients know how to do an at home screening is critical.

How are you connecting and educating your patients about the importance of oral cancer while we're out of the office?