Being an RDH Vaccinator

Utah is one of the handfuls of states in American where dental hygienists have been approved to give vaccines. We're excited to connect with Melinda, a dental hygienist in Utah County, who has been working as a vaccinator in Utah and been giving hundreds of vaccines to help with the role out. We were able to chat about a few common questions other dental hygienists have and give some advice if they're interested in becoming a vaccinator.

UDHA: Congratulations on your role as a vaccinator! Have you had patients ask you about your background?

M: I've had multiple people compliment me on the ease and painlessness of the shot! Only one person has asked where I worked and she thought it was cool that I was vaccinating.

UDHA: What type of patients have you been seeing?

M: All different types of patients! Mainly 16-17-year-olds right now with their parents due to the age of vaccines opening up to them.

UDHA: Do you feel like your training as a dental hygienist has made it possible for you to be a vaccination?

M: Yes! We know so much about injections, patient communication, post-op instructions, and the safe handling of syringes. We are very educated and can handle and excel in these types of settings.

UDHA: How did you sign up to be a vaccinator?

M: I'm in Utah County, so I used the Medica Reserve Corps. Make sure when you sign up, put you're medical and willing to give vaccines to help speed the process along.