UDHA Member Spotlight: Alisynn Dickson

We're so lucky to have so many amazing members that are part of the Utah Dental Hygienists' Association! Meet Alisynn- a dedicated dental hygienist working here in Utah to help her patients and communities improve their oral and overall health.

UDHA: How long have you been a dental hygienist?

A: I've been in dental 27 years, hygiene 18 of those years.

UDHA: What type of setting do you work in right now?

A: I currently work in private practice doing both clinical hygiene and office administration. I earned an MBA then opened my own office a couple years ago.

UDHA: What started you in a career in dentistry?

A: I wanted to be a paralegal, didn't get into the program I wanted, so decided to go to dental assisting school with my best friend. I fell in love with dentistry!

UDHA: Any advice for a brand new graduate?

A: Be a TEAM player. Every person within a practice is valuable. Working side by side with each one, doing the most menial tasks not only helps the practice run smooth and efficient, but truly builds the TEAM mentality.

UDHA: Any funny stories of being in practice?

A: I had a gentleman's toupee fall off into my lap while cleaning his teeth. I panicked, (that is one situation they don't teach you how to handle in hygiene school) placed it quickly back on his head, and when he stood up it was totally crooked. I was to awkward to fix it or tell him, so he left with his toupee off the center of his head like a French beret.

UDHA: Favorite part of being a dental hygienist?

A: I love meeting new people and I love sharing education and experience that might help them reach their dental goals.

UDHA: Why are you a member of the ADHA/UDHA?

A: We are our own community. I believe we need the support of community in every aspect of life, including careers.