UDHA Member Spotlight: Courtney Hiatt, RDH

We're lucky in Utah to have both amazing dental hygienists and dental hygiene students in our association supporting our profession. We're excited to highlight Courtney, a new RDH and winner of the UDHA Future leader award for UVU, this week and highlight her passion for dentistry.

UDHA: What sparked your interest in a career in dental hygiene?

C: I have always wanted to be a dental hygienist. Growing up I had an amazing dentist and dental hygienist that made me love my visits to the dentist. I want to do the same for others. Dental appointments can be frightening, but I would love to change that and give patients a positive experience. I also just have a tooth obsession…but what dental hygienist doesn’t?!

UDHA: Of course you have to be a little bit obsessed with science and teeth to work with them each and every day! You definitely found your people. How have you been involved in the UDHA as a student? Are there ways to be involved as a student?

C: I have been able to be involved with UDHA and ADHA events a lot throughout dental hygiene school. The biggest thing I have learned is how to be an advocate for our career. I have been able to learn from some amazing instructors and professors that continually advocate for positive change!

UDHA: Do you have any funny stories from school or working in dentistry?

C: A funny experience I had in school was when I had a full appointment of stand-up dentistry. I’m 5’0 and even with laying the patient’s wheelchair back I still couldn’t see into his mouth. My professor had to get me a stool to stand on! I had to put the ultrasonic pedal on the stool, and my back will probably never recover from that appointment haha!

UDHA: Any advice for a new dental hygiene school?

C: My advice to new dental hygiene students is to soak it all in. It will be some of the most stressful years of your life, but the most rewarding and it flies by so fast! Attend extra events including UDHA meetings, conferences, etc. You will meet so many awesome dental peers this way!