Utah COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

We have been busy contacting local Utah Health Departments to find out updates on how and when dentistry can receive their vaccine. Here a bit of information we have been gathering. Please note that this info is changing regularly and we will update as we hear.

1. It seems like health departments are heading the scheduling and administering of both rounds of the vaccine.

2. Each county has a different number of vaccines, nurses, space, etc, so it’s hard to say exactly when you’ll be able to make an appointment.

3. Each health department is unique and handing scheduling in their own way.

Weber and Morgan Counties- Call the health department immunization department directly to speak to a nurse or the immunization coordinator. They’ll take your info, where you work (if you temp, let them know that) and your position, and call you back when they have a schedule set. They will probably be holding them at the Fairgrounds by appointment only, and are ready to start fairly soon. If you’re interested, they mentioned call soon to get them your information.

Summit County- No set time frame yet. They are doing online scheduling, but hasn’t been set up online yet. Keep watching their website or you can call the health department directly for more info.

Bear River Health Department- if they live and work here, the health department has reached out to many dental offices. Contact the health department directly if you haven’t heard so you are on their list to make an appointment online. If you’re a temp and don’t have an office to schedule through, call the health department directly and they will add you the list and email you. They have started phase 2 of vaccines today and they had openings this week if you’re interested.

Salt Lake Health Department- They have started vaccines this week. They have been individually calling offices to set up appointments. If you haven’t heard yet, or are temping, contact the health department directly for an appointment.

Southwest Health Department- They do not have the vaccine yet, so they haven’t been calling or scheduling yet. They are hoping to have it on January 7. They will then be calling offices to schedule an appointment at the health department to receive your vaccine. If you temp, call directly after the 7th to set up an appointment, or watch their website. Must have a photo ID and your Utah Dental Hygiene license to schedule.

Central Health Department- They have been calling dental offices this week to get exact numbers of how many vaccines they need. They should be calling back this/next week to set up a time to receive. If your office hasn’t mentioned anything or has not been called, contact the health department since they have been waiting to hear back from some offices and would love to know if you would like to be counted! If you temp, contact the health department directly in the New year to schedule an appointment.

Utah County Health Department- Online scheduling has been set up. You can register at the website (https://healthevents.utahcounty.gov/) for just you or for your entire office. Bring your dental hygiene license as proof of your occupation.