Utah RDH's Favorite Dental Instrument

We all know there are so many different instruments brands, designs, and makes on the market. Going to a dental convention and seeing the rows and tables full of instruments can be a bit overwhelming! However, we've asked dental hygienists from all over the state to hear about their very favorite instrument to use during the day.

Here are a few different recommendations that dental hygienists suggested.

"American Eagle XP N1- I love the scoop/spoon for all concavities throughout the mouth., like on the maxillary and mandibular lingual aspect and the maxillary buccal of molars"

"Hu Freidy Nevi 1/H5. It is anterior but I've used it on tenacious calc posteriorly and loved it"

"Montana Jack/Nevi. I feel it has the perfect bend for posteriors and anteriors that are not completely straight! It just fits where I need it!"

"Sickle: PDT Montana Jack. After all these years it’s still my “go to-must have”! I love its versatility, perfect angulation for posteriors and anteriors, and the ability to get into those pesky tight contacts!

Curette: Barnhardt 5/6 universal

For same reasons as above but for subgingival areas.

Besides Graceys as needed for perio these two get the job done 90% of the time."

But, hands down, the most talked about, praised, and recommended instrument was the Montana Jack/Black Jack!