UDHA Southern Spring Seminar

March 25- 26, 2022

Moab, UT

9 Live CEs

Service Project

Saturday, March 26
Moab Grand Center- 182 N 500 W Moab, UT


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Course Descriptions

Title: A SMARTer Approach: Silver Diamine Fluoride and Glass Ionomer 

Alyssa Aberle, RDH

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is not new, but is still unfamiliar to many dental professionals in the US. This course will talk about the successful use of silver diamine fluoride, and its silver-based predecessors, in other countries over the past centuries. Learn about the various uses for silver diamine fluoride in your practice and how it can be a great treatment option for our patients of all ages. In this expanded course, we’ll also dig into SMART (silver modified atraumatic restorative technique) and how combining SDF with glass ionomer for sealants and restorations can further improve patient outcomes. 

The objectives of this course are for the participants to:
  Learn the history and science behind silver nitrate and silver diamine fluoride
 Understand the diagnostic criteria, indications, and limitations for use
 Be comfortable with the procedure for SDF application and be able to implement in practice
 Be familiar with how to use SDF for SMART restorations
 Discuss expected treatment outcomes and benefits of SDF and SMART techniques.


Lancette VanGuilder, RDH

Sponsored by Premier Dental

Dental hygienists are the primary preventive oral health care provider. With the education and licensure required to provide preventive and therapeutic care to the public, dental hygienists are poised to meet the needs of the public. Currently, many sources shed light on the demand and severe need for dental services that may be provided by the dental hygienist. In addition, the ever- evolving healthcare landscape, the expansion of healthcare coverage, increased research with the oral systemic link and the epidemic of inflammatory and chronic diseases are reinforcing that optimal oral health is a key component for optimal overall health. As states across the country are moving to expand the dental hygiene scope of practice, increase practice settings and introduce midlevel dental hygiene providers, the profession of dental hygiene is exploding with opportunities!

• Review the dental hygiene process of care and the ADHA Standards of Clinical Practice
• Discuss the ever-evolving state dental hygiene practice acts around the country
• Provide a global perspective regarding the dental hygiene profession
• Explore various practice settings: private, corporate and public health           

Cultural Consciousness: Living & Working on and Around the Navajo Nation

Dharshini Begaye, RDH and Marsha Jean Curley, RDH

The Navajo Nation includes 27,425 square miles of land that extends into New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah, and borders Colorado, which makes the Navajo Nation the largest geographic land base of American Indian reservation in the United States. Marsha and Dharshini will talk about the Diné​ (The People), the language, traditions and beliefs, clans of the Navajo, tribal government and chapters, and dental health services on the Navajo Nation. They will talk about the limitations they experience on the reservation and what helps move their community forward with the help of the UDHA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Service Project

This optional activity is the perfect way to give back to the Moab Community! We'll be going to a local elementary school to visit classrooms, talk about oral hygiene, give out hygiene kits, answer questions, and more.

Friday, March 25