We're excited for the 2021 UDHA Annual Session!

October 7 & 8

Utah Cultural Celebration Center

1355 W 3100 S

West Valley City, UT 84119

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Lillian Caperila, RDH, BSDH, MEd

Aligning your instrumentation skills and preserving your professional career

In light of the growing statistics reported by dental care professionals enduring chronic musculoskeletal disorders or seeking alternative occupations due to chronic discomfort, this program highlights the dynamics that affect the performance efficiency of every dental clinician.
The central theme of this seminar is “early intervention of ergonomics and selective
instrumentation.” Every clinician should establish a process of evaluating their day-to-day performance involving the following key dynamics: operatory design and operator/patient positioning, equipment, instrument selection, sharpening and applying advanced fulcrums. The goal is to conduct a self-evaluation of our performance and safety of our body dynamics.

Katie Poulsen, MPC, RDH

Burn Out and the RDH

Burnout is real and rampant right now. Dental Hygiene can be rewarding, but it can also leave you feeling depleted from having so many responsibilities. Run-on empty long enough, and you'll suffer from burnout. In this course, we will:


We'll walk through the four drivers of burnout and show you how to overcome them. 

See how DATA can help you avoid burnout by:

- empowering you

- getting more done with less effort

- catapulting your career

Danyelle Evans, RDH, Kali Hunt, RDH,

Compassionate Care for Patients with Disabilities

Have you ever felt nervous or uncomfortable while treating patients with disabilities? Do you think you don't have the right experience or training? Are you ready to improve your capacity to treat "Special" patients? These patients are just like any other patient but may require adaptations to care. This course is designed to elevate your understanding of special needs patients and what it takes to have a positive experience while providing care. Join us to learn more about providing equitable and compassionate care. 

Upon completion of this course, attendees will have increased their knowledge and confidence when treating patients with various disabilities by being able to:


  • Identify barriers to treatment for providers and patients with disabilities.

  • Consider successful strategies to improve patient and provider experience. 

  • Explore modifications that consider cognitive, developmental, and physical needs.