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December Utah DOPL Updates

Each quarter, the Utah Department of Professional Licensing in Dentistry meets to talk about updates, changes, professional licenses, laws and more. This month was some great discussions on what's next for dentistry and dental hygiene in our state. Here are a few updates.

Update on Non-CODA Accredited Licensure Endorsement Pathways

It was reported that more than 500 written comments were received about the proposed rule changes here in Utah. They estimated about 90% in opposition. As of right now the state has not moved forward with any reiterations of proposed rules.

So what does this mean?

Will it be dropped?

Will it resurface as a new rule proposal?

Will it be pursued legislatively since the "simple rule change" was strongly opposed?

UDHA (and UDA) will be on the look out for any bill files to be open. If you are not a member of your professional

association, please consider joining. We would love your support with this and any other legislative changes that might come up. Now is the time to join or renew!


Let's talk injectables! DOPL Board members discussed this topic slightly on Friday, December 1 during the Utah DOPL Meeting. There was a lot of conversation on this topic (I can send you the DOPL recording info if you'd like it. It's also found on the DOPL website). UDHA hears from RDHs all the time about wanting the opportunity to perform these reversible procedures. RNs can provide these services under a medical director. It would make sense that RDHs would perform services under a dentist (think indirect supervision like required for local anesthetic delivery).

What's the consensus from other dental professionals? Dentists, what are your thoughts? Would you want your RDHs to be able to offer these services to your patients?

What? Dental Assistants with a High Speed Hand Piece?

During last week's DOPL Board Meeting, the Utah Orthodontists Association expressed their desire to allow assistants to perform coronal orthodontic adhesive removal.

Current rules state dental assistants can NOT remove stains, deposits, or accreditions except as in incidental to polishing teeth coronally with a rubber cup.

All DOPL representatives were not supportive of this request.

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